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Welcome to the Society's Home Page


The Pilgrim Edward Doty Society

was formed to perpetuate the memory of Edward Doty, a passenger on the Mayflower in 1620.  The Society was founded in October 1982 in Wilmington, Delaware by Mary Lee Merrill.  The 20th anniversary was celebrated at Plymouth, Massachusetts in September 2002.  Over the last 120 years, more than 92,000 descendants of Edward Doty have been identified.  To give you an idea of the span of family history, the youngest descendants may be 14 generations (and 400 years) removed from their progenitor.

The primary objectives of this educational and nonprofit society are:

1. To perpetuate the memory of Edward Doty, passenger on the Mayflower and signer of the Mayflower Compact, who landed with the other Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts on December 21, 1620.

2. To encourage research and publication of the Edward Doty Five Generations Book, thereby initiating professional research and documentation of Edward Doty's ancestry, and to publish all findings in suitable form.

3. To assist descendants of Edward Doty in acquiring acceptable proofs of eligibility for membership in the General Society of Mayflower Descendants and to encourage membership therein.

4. The Society is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes as defined in Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, revised 1981 and the laws of the state in which it is chartered.

5. To establish a Memorial Fund to be used in memory of Edward Doty, Pilgrim.

Edward Doty's oil lamp on display at the Mayflower House Museum


MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY Updated as of November 1, 2013

A printed membership list has not been sent to members in the last few years, because printing and mailing costs have increased greatly.  See below about member's access to the online directory.

The Pilgrim Edward Doty Society, founded in 1982, established a DNA testing program in 2006.  Since our last update, we have added the test results of eleven participants to our records.

The Summary Lineages pages include a summary of the descendants of all nine children of Edward Doty. The pages cover the first four generations, providing dates of birth and death, where known.

The Membership Directory, Newsletters, Detailed Lineages, Research Reports and the full copy of The Doty-Doten Family in America . A username and password are required for access. Each issue of the Edward Doty Society newsletter will list the current username and password.


The directory listing the adult members of the Edward Doty Society is available here.


Eight Research Reports are now available to members. Since 1989, the Doty Society has sponsored research in England to try to establish the origin of Edward Doty.   The June 2006 Debrett report states that Edward may be the son of Rev. Edward Doughtie, Dean of Hereford Cathedral, and was born around 1593.  A new report, by English genealogist John Titford, has opened up several new avenues to explore.


Detailed lineage of up to 15 generations from Edward Doty include name and geographic search.  The descendant charts show inter-relationships graphically.


The July 2011 newsletter is now on-line for members.  In addition,  archived newsletters from March 2001 are available.


The 1897 book, "The Doty-Doten Family in America" is available on our web site.  Click here to access the book, and to search the pages.


Read about the Septemmber 2011 triennial meeting here, and see photographs here.

Please welcome, and meet the New Deputy Governor, Dick Fuhrman here,

and the New Membership Chairperson, Linda Spencer here.

Next meeting is  Fall of 2014. 


The Doty-Dunham Connection
A new web site that may be of interest to many Doty "Cousins".

Notice to Members

For those of you who have not received your Newsletter it is because I don’t have correct eMail address for you. There are many and we really need to work together to get this cleared up. If you have changed your eMail address, please send me a note at and I will return a Newsletter to you. Please help me update these eMails as soon as possible as this Newsletter is, without a doubt, one of my best.

Thank You, Rose Reiman

James Duane Doty: Frontier Promoter, Alice Elizabeth Smith, State Historical of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, 1954, Vail-Ballou Press, Inc., Binghampton, N.Y. 472 pages.

Alice Elizabeth Smith, Chief of Research in the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, included 48 pages of footnotes in this text.

The most complete published account of the Cass Expedition is, in my opinion,: Schoolcraft's Narrative Journal of Travels through the Northwest Regions of the United States extending from Detroit through the Great Chain of American Lakes to the Sources of the Mississippi River in the Year 1820, Edited by Mentor L. Williams, Michigan State University Press 1953 and 1992, 520 pages.

I have just finished reading the subject book. It is a great story about one of our cousins.

I think it is a great profile. There is a wealth of reference material in the footnotes. Family history included in the text extends beyond his immediate family.

It is quite a feat as the final chapter of the book mentions that three wagon loads of papers were recycle to the local paper mill following his death.

The detailed lineage you helped post on the Pilgrim Edward Doty website already includes an extended tribute to both James and his wife.

Mark Van Fleet

Doty Book